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Purchasing a home is one of the biggest steps in your life. The complete process, however, can be a little hard. Finding that perfect home and acquiring the proper financing can be tiresome. Why not allow yourself the comfort of the services of a professional realtor for help buying a home. When using a realtor, San Diego home buying becomes a pleasure, one that is less time consuming and financially draining.

Your First Step
When you decide it is time to purchase a home you need to determine why you want to make this move. Is it to stop continual rent payments? Start a family? Move for a new job? You need to determine what type of home you are looking for and what amenities are important. Once you have decided the basics, it is time to consider the surrounding area. Do you wish to be near a school? A church? Your job? How long are you willing to commute to work or to visit your family? These are all important decisions to make before you begin the home buying process.

Step Two
Once you have set the guide lines for your home purchase it is time to get pre-approved for a mortgage. Why is this so important? Having a pre-approval will allow you to approach the seller as a serious buyer. Depending on market conditions and the personal goals of the seller, many sellers are willing to negotiate on a home so they can move forward with their lives. Having that pre-approval will allow you to negotiate the best deal in a timely manner. Many deals have been lost when approval time takes too long once the process has begun. As a professional realtor I will gladly assist you in getting loan approval before the home search in San Diego begins, providing you that additional buying power.

Finding the Perfect San Diego Home
When you use a realtor San Diego home shopping becomes a breeze. By predetermining your needs and desires in a home, I can narrow your search saving you time and resources better left spent on your new home. A complete knowledge of the area allows me to direct your viewing, allowing you to see and experience only the types of homes you are interested in. I will assist you through the entire process of finding a home, making an offer and closing the deal. I offer you all the needed help buying a home in San Diego.

As Your Agent I will:
• Help you find and view homes that meet your guidelines and price range
• Offer insight into the local market and help you negotiate the best deal
• Review the local schools and area amenities

Once you've been pre-approved and know what price range you plan to stay within, I can help you determine which properties fit your needs and wants, using the MLS system.
Start your search now - and view current listings!

I Will Help You Every Step of The Way
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