We all know the real estate market is priced to sell as a whole. Finding the right property can be a challege. We here at Search-SanDiegoRealEstate.com are here to help you through the process. We have helped people who couldn't afford their "dream" home a few years ago... and now they can... we help sell your current house and get you into that affordable dream home. We have also been a resource for those needing to relocated. If you have curiosity about moving up during this real estate down turn and if you you have a little equity... don't be afraid to move up... let's talk about those numbers, get a hold of us... email us here.

Specifially today, we want to share with you, why is it worth it right now to buy a home... if you are renting. 

As we look at rent or buy... please plug in your numbers to the NY Times calculator below, great tool.


Rent versus Buy

In this example if your are spending $2900 a month in rent. It would be better for you to buy a $550,000 home for six years. You will spend less money in six years if you buy a home. After six hears, if you buy, your equity grows even more and it becomes  even better for you.