Is an Oceanfront Property For You?

Even though living and owning oceanfront property can
be a romantic dream come true for you or for your family, there are some
important and very essential points to consider before taking this plunge.
 Will the property be your financial nest egg that you want to hold onto
for a short amount of time and sell at a higher price later?  Are you
considering this as a vacation home or retirement retreat that will allow you
to live out your remainder years with the sound of lapping waves lulling you to
sleep? Take the time to consider all options to oceanfront property ownership
and see if it will be a risk, or a great new investment experience for you.

How to Select an Oceanfront Property

Selecting beachfront property should never be based
on simply, “I like it, and I want to buy it.”  You should be discerning
and take the time to examine every aspect of the property’s condition.
 Proximity of your neighbors and whether there are notable distractions
nearby should be factored into your decision.  How close is the property
to a grocery store or an emergency medical facility should the need for help
arise?  Do not forget to find out the condition of the utilities as well
as the septic system and water supply lines.  Speak with your neighbors
and try to get an accurate feeling for what it is like to live there in all
seasons, especially when there is inclement weather conditions. Also do not
forget to factor in higher insurance costs, due to possible maintenance and
weather repair issues.

Oceanfront Property Advantages

The advantages to oceanfront property are sort of
obvious, in that you have the freedom to enjoy all of the sun and beach fun
that you and your family and friends can possible want.  Because the
property is typically located in an isolated area, you are going to be far
enough off of the beaten path that no wayward strangers will continuously
happen upon your property.  In addition, the quiet and peaceful enjoyment
of all of nature’s beauty is entirely at your disposal 24-7, and it may feel
like you are on one long extended vacation.

Oceanfront Property Disadvantages

The disadvantages to living in an oceanfront property
can be a bit disconcerting.  The fact that you are living in such an
isolated area can prevent you from receiving timely assistance should there be
an emergency.  The fact that you will be at the mercy of Mother Nature’s
fury in the form of hurricanes, typhoons, and high damaging rains is a strong
possibility.  In addition, your home’s very scenic view is a certain
invitation for so welcome and many unwelcome guests to spend time for a much
extended period can occur.

Oceanfront properties offer both advantages and
disadvantages worth consideration prior to the completion of a purchase.

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