Dawn Boquet


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As a San Diego Real Estate Broker, we are fully qualified to handle all transactions that you may require in dealing with San Diego Real Estate. 

If you are in need of a realtor in San Diego with successful experience selling and buying properties with attention to detail and your best interest in mind, look no further. There are several aspects you should consider sets us aside from other San Diego realtors you may come across. By having one of our agents help you, know that you will be benefiting from expertise that borders on obesession.


As a broker, this gives me the highest level of certification possible. It means I've demonstrated the values needed to surpass other San Diego realtor and agents. This certification requires more experience, special educational enhancements and integrity than most traditional agents and realtors. 


Being a native of southern California, I'm properly trained and familiar with the market trends in the area. Not only from a numbers perspective, but with an introspective property owner's understanding and feelings on the market. In San Diego real estate, most trends happen way before they reach the newspaper and internet, therefore you must work with someone that can stay ahead of precious information from an insider's point of view. 


Many people speak about making sure you as the customer is satisfied, but few actually follow through on that promise. Frankly, many people are concerned more with their bottom line than your positive experience. This normally occurs at the expense of you with less money in your wallet. As a San Diego Real Estate Broker, I have demonstrated a long history of satisfied clients that have been put ahead of monetary gain. 

Whether you're looking for a San Diego realtor to sell your home or a trustworthy broker to find your first starter home, we can provide that at the most highest level. Access our Dream Home Finder through our online form to gain access to virtually every home in San Diego. Thinking about selling your home? Call us for a free home evaluation at 858-216-4620.       

As a valuable San Diego Realtor and real estate broker, we bring you peace of mind.

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